Missouri's first private exchange

SmartBenefits Marketplace is MRCT’s proprietary, multi-carrier private exchange.  Through SmartBenefits Marketplace, MRCT offers employers and employees a flexible, robust way to access a vast array of benefit options online.  Through defined contribution, employers control benefit costs and remain involved in plan design.  Employees can comparison shop for benefits in an environment that encourages personal involvement and allows them to select options that best suit their need at prices that fit their budget.  As an added bonus, the marketplace also provides employers with a sophisticated administration to streamline billing, administration, and compliance!

Please join us for a brief Demo of SmartBenefits Marketplace™ from the comfort of your own office. Find out how SmartBenefits can help you and your employees! Please register for a 30 minute live demonstration by clicking one of the links below: 

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Benefits your employees will appreciate

Your employees get flexibility and you get peace-of-mind

By providing your employees with a defined benefit in the SmartBenefits Marketplace™, you can control your costs, and your employees will be able to pick from a menu of benefits that best fits their needs.

And you’ll get perhaps the biggest benefit of all…happy employees that appreciate what you’ve provided for them.

How does it work?

  1. You provide each employee with a set amount of money in his or her SmartBenefits account.
  2. Employees will meet with a SmartBenefits advisor, and complete an individual profile.
  3. SmartBenefits will recommend products, based on each employee’s answers and personal goals.
  4. Employees can compare recommended products with other offerings, and select whichever they prefer.
  5. All ongoing and future enrollments, terminations,  billing, and benefit communication is consolidated in single portal and even available via tablet and smart phone!

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Employees & Individuals
Benefits to suit your lifestyle and budget

It’s OK to be picky

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why your employer has partnered with SmartBenefits to let you choose the plans and products that you value most and best meet your needs and long term goals.

  1. After meeting with a SmartBenefits advisor, you can log in and fill out a profile. This will help determine what we think are the best benefits for your individual needs.
  2. Then, you can compare our recommendation with any other product. After all, you know yourself best!
  3. Purchase your benefits using the funds provided by your employer. Any additional amount will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

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Be the first to offer your clients benefits through an exchange

Even though the Affordable Care Act has created new challenges for brokers, there is hope on the horizon.  The SmartBenefits Marketplace gives brokers a new way to grow your current book of business by offering new solutions for groups with 10+ employees.

Look to MRCT to get straight answers about how a private exchange can solve your clients’ biggest benefit and HR headaches through options previously only available to big corporations.

Partner with MRCT and to make SmartBenefits Marketplace available to your clients.

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