Executive and Individual Benefits
Looking for advanced solutions for the business, or for owners and key executives? MRCT's consultants can help to design a plan that mirrors that of a Fortune 1000 company.

Executive Benefits and Succession Planning

The MRCT consulting team members are specialists in developing advanced solutions for business executives and succession planning. We will meet with your executive team to fully understand the ownership structure of your organization, provide an informal business valuation, and identify individuals that are essential to the daily operation of the business. The shock of losing a partner or key team member to death, disability, or even the competition can be devastating, but with the right planning in place, you’ll be assured that your business can buy out surviving heirs and quickly replace integral team members.

Are you a sole proprietor or an individual without access to group coverage?

MRCT has solutions for individuals, and our team will help bring clarity to which options are best for you. In addition to our team of advisors, you can shop plans online in our Marketplace. Contact us today and you will have peace of mind that you purchased the best product and have the coverage you need.

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