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happy employees are good business
Businesses aren’t buildings or technology. Businesses are people. The happier and more satisfied people are about the company they work for, the more successful the company.
Human Resources Portal Video:

MRCT offers access to our online HR portal. Click here to view a video about our Online HR Portal

The Human Resources Consulting Division offers four main services:

Employee Communications

  • Benefit Websites
  • Private Marketplace Technology
  • Employee Education Programs

Human Resources Consulting 

  • Human Resources Audit
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee and Supervisory Handbooks
  • Compensation and Benefits Review
  • Wellness
  • Communication and Education

Compliance Support

  • Reform Notices


  • Extranet
  • Private Exchange
  • Cloud Based Benefit Admin Systems


There are many reasons companies turn to MRCT for Human Resources support:

Ensure compliance and reduce legal expenses

MRCT’s Human Resources Consulting Division can help with overall strategy, decision-making and information before calling an attorney for legal assistance. This saves the company extensive legal fees and helps them take the necessary steps to negotiate successful outcomes for the company and employees alike.

Improve understanding of benefit issues

We can answer questions, provide benefits training for HR staff, and research any of your specific Human Resources and benefits needs. Our private exchange website service can also provide timely information for employees and managers.

Reduce paperwork and save time

One of the big complaints in Human Resources management is the amount of paperwork and time it takes to administer benefits programs or communicate with employees regarding Human Resources issues. MRCT SmartBenefits’ Human Resources Division will show you ways to simplify the paperwork and streamline communication through the use of the website.


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